Kata y Co

New CD out Sept, 6

"A fluke for Brazil jazz!" (Kieler Nachrichten)

"Most sensitive album of the year!" (Salsango)

"absolutely to listen to!" (NDR INFO, Play Jazz)

"absolutely to listen to!" (NDR INFO, Play Jazz)

Welcome to the bel etage of melancholy! It might appear pleasing, but in fact it's not compliant, a counterpoint to superficiality,  vocal acrobatics without soul and categorizing. „Kata-gories“ instead are about content, depth and intensity. No backflips in short  skirts on stage, no touching by naked skin but touché through exposure of soul. Heart whispering in gaudy garb, exciting nonexciting concentration on the sanctum of music.

Kata y Co makes music by hand, Bossa and Baroque, Forró and fugue, polka and Piazzolla, Jobim and Chopin, acoustically. good, acute and of timeless beauty.

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Brasil: Fadas - Kata y Co
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Brasil: Fotografia - Kata y Co
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Brasil: Brigas nunca mais - Kata y Co
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Tango: La bicicleta blanca - Kata y Co
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Tango: Falando de amor - Kata y Co
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Klassik: When I Am Laid in Earth - Kata y Co
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Bossa und no' was

28.6.20, 17.oo

Hohenloher Kultursommer

Schloss Gaildorf


74405 Gaildorf

40 Stühle

17.4., 20.oo, Kühne Lage

Schützenstr. 39

22761 Hamburg

Bossa und no' was

15.2.20, 20.oo

Niedermühle Büren

Rilkestr. 22

33142 Büren

Bossa und no' was

14.2.20, 20.oo

Synagoge Gelnhausen

Brentanostr. 8

63571 Gelnhausen

Jazz Open Hamburg

Sa, 31.8., 15.oo

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